wolf story (MM) Part 1/2

Two shoot (the french version is here)

Nolan and Aurélien have been married for a few years. Their son, Eli, learns that he is going to be an older brother and he does not accept it. Nolan will talk to him and then, little by little, it will remind him of a wolf story.


« Eli? »

Nolan pushed the door of his six-year-old son’s room and saw him sitting on the edge of the bed with his head turned away. For a few seconds he looked up at the ceiling. Eli may have been his son genetically, but he had to admit that he was becoming more and more like his husband Aurélien.

He sat down next to Eli who was holding two plush toys against his chest. He took advantage of the silence to caress her brown hair. This year, with Aurélien, they had decided to enlarge the family. Noémie, their best friend, who had given birth to Eli, had agreed to repeat the experience by carrying, this time, the baby from the sperm of his husband.

This morning, his partner’s day off, Aurélien was so excited about having another child at home that he had clumsily announced it to their son. Of course, since then, Eli has been sulking in his room.

« Dad told me you didn’t want a little brother? »

Eli straightened his chest and put his stuffed animals on the pillow. He stood in front of him, crossed his arms on his chest and raised his round face towards his own, revealing blue and bright eyes.

« No! » he replied categorically. « Anyway, I won’t like it. I’ll never love him! »

Nolan stared at him, worried that the news would put him in this state.

« Why are you angry with him? The baby isn’t here yet and… »

« Because, » interrupted the little one by frowning more while staring at the floor. « I don’t like little brothers! »

« Hey? Honey… » Nolan whispered. « what are you afraid of? »

He heard her sniffing before dropping her arms along her body and muttered in a trembling voice:

« I will no longer be your treasure… »

Nolan’s heart melted before these few words of a child. He tried to attract him against him, but the resistance of his son forced him to answer him.

« You will always be our treasure, Daddy Aurelian and I will love you no matter what happens. You are our son. »

« But… » stammered Eli as he raised his wet eyes to him « It means you’ll love me less to love the baby! »

« Come here, » he said, sitting on his lap, « we’re not going to love you less or halfway, on the contrary, we have so much love to give that he’ll only grow up, you understand?

« Will you and Dad always love me the same? »

« Yes »

« Even if I do something nonsense? »

« Yes »

Nolan smiled when his son jumped on his feet and turned to him as if thinking about what he had just said.

« Okay » Eli whispered as if he was finally giving his permission to share his fathers.

Nolan got up, delighted with the little conversation and then walked to the door reminding him that they would soon be eating.


In the evening, in his bed, after a meal full of children’s questions, Nolan watched his husband lie in a boxer next to him. He wedged himself against Aurélien’s chest and kissed her passionately.

« I hope that the next one will be less temperamental, » he whispered, moving away a little from him. « Eli looks more and more like you in that respect. »

« Oh, come on, I wasn’t like that when I was a kid, was I? »

Nolan looked at him for a moment and then suddenly burst out laughing.

« Do you remember our first meeting, » he challenged him with an amused look, « do you remember what brought us closer together?

« Yeah, » growled her husband, tightening his arm around his waist.

« Maybe I should tell Eli this wolf story… »

« Nolan! » grumbled Aurélien as he rolled him on his back, his lips brushing against his own. « Right now, my inner wolf is very hungry for you… »

Nolan didn’t have time to laugh that his husband kissed him while pressing his body against his. He groaned a « traitor » and surrendered to the joys of the flesh, leaving him the memory of their first encounter.

That was many years ago…


soon part 2


Minigician – version anglaise & news

Bonjour !

Avec Minigicien, j’ai décidé d’étendre sa lecture en la faisant traduire en anglais. Actuellement, elle est en cours et je vous présente la couverture  qui est la même que la version française.

With Minigicien, I decided to extend his reading by having it translated into English. Currently, it is in progress and I present the cover which is the same as the French version.

Synopsis :

Minigicians have no existence in the universe of the supernatural and nevertheless, they would deserve a place in it. People decimated by metamorphs in their world, powerful forces have come together to revive this species. For centuries, the minigicians became a rumour, an unverifiable myth for most witches until the day Mini-Maverick appeared at the manor of the Lailo family, without any memory of its past.

If his presence brings together the little cousins Raphael and Joshua, respectively wizard and wolf shapeshifter, they are all three far from imagining what the future holds for them.

Until their destiny takes shape, they will learn to grow together. Mini-Maverick will adapt to his new family and be considered a member of the family. Raphael will become his wizard master while Joshua, behind his grouchy airs, will intrigue him over the years.

If the plans of the powerful forces had been to do everything possible to give birth to an extinct species again, they did not expect the last of the minigicians to be able to feel emotions in the same way as a human…


En ce qui concerne les dessins de Joshua & Maverick, je n’arrive pas à entrer en contact avec le dessinateur… j’aurai aimé pouvoir en avoir un nouveau pour chacun des tomes (en format carte/marque-page) puisque la version papier, je ne le ferai uniquement pour l’intégrale. (qui ne contiendra pas le hors série)

Le tome 1 se poursuit avec quelques différences par rapport à l’histoire que j’avais publié sur Wappad. Un chapitre a été ajouté avant le premier (pour facilité la dissémination des révélations) Vous en apprendrez plus sur le fameux pouvoir de Raphaël, celui qui avait bien failli lui coûter la vie, enfant.

J’ai aussi prévu un concours pour la sortie de l’intégrale (prévoir courant 2020). Comme d’habitude, il faudra avoir lu leur histoire !

As for the Joshua & Maverick drawings, I can’t get in touch with the designer… I wish I could have had a new one for each of the volumes (in map/bookmark format) since the paper version, I won’t do it only for the complete one. (which will not contain the special edition)

Volume 1 continues with some differences from the story I published on Wappad. A chapter was added before the first one (to facilitate the dissemination of the revelations). You will learn more about Raphael’s famous power, the one that almost cost him his life as a child.

I have also planned a competition for the release of the complete album (to be planned in 2020). As usual, you will have to have read their story!


En savoir un peu plus sur les métamorphes qui viennent de cette histoire, c’est ici.